Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spotted: The Work Comp Cash Cab

Sure, it's possible to move through a work day without a clear understanding of what other departments do, what other people's job descriptions are, or even their names. But why would you want to?

League and Insurance Trust staff periodically gather for "Department Presentations" to learn more about the important work being done by staff in other parts of the building—to put faces to names and create a more holistic understanding of the League's mission and services among staff.

Most recently, the copy center, loss control, and  workers' compensation claims departments presented on how they spend their hours on the clock. To keep it interesting, the workers' comp claims team incorporated a variation of the television quiz show "Cash Cab" and invited staffers Michael DeMorrow and Executive Director David Unmacht along for the ride.

Photo credit goes to LMC HR Director Laura Kushner

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