Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Newly Elected Officials: Welcome to Office! Now What?

Know a newly elected city official? Chances are, as they settle into office, they’ll have tons of questions about how things are supposed to be. Elected officials are expected to know how their city runs right awayeverything from legal requirements to Open Meeting Law, financial responsibilities, and more.

The League’s 2016 Leadership Conference is just the place to help elected officials, as one past attendee put it, “get a grasp on how everything works.”

More experienced elected officials are also welcome to attendeveryone needs a refresher once in a while, right?

Here’s what attendees of the 2015 Leadership Conference had to say:

“I learned a lot about how the budget works, how property tax is figured to include who actually pays what portions, how assessments are determined and how levies work. There was a lot to understand, but the presenter was very good at ‘stating it in English'.”

“I found out it's important to be transparent with decision making and ensure that any possible legal issues are clearly defined and resolved. Our major responsibility is to ensure that we do not place the city in a position of legal liability.”

“Sustainability is critical when making all finance decisions. We must set goals, know what our resources are for reaching those goals, understand the difference between wants and needs, and set our priorities to ensure sustainability and growth at the same time.”

“I now know the rules and definitions about property values, how commercial, residential, and farm affect the funding pie.”

“I learned what about the common shortcomings of not knowing the rules and, legally, the best practices to initiate meetings, conversation, and, generally, conducting yourself in public.”

Register by January 19 for the 2016 Leadership Conference and get a great start in your new city leadership role!

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