Friday, June 24, 2016

Spotted: TSO Training in Kentucky

Rob Boe, public safety project coordinator, traveled to Kentucky earlier this month to spread the word about the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust's Training Safety Officer program. The Training Safety Officer (TSO) Program is designed to reduce the injuries associated with police training while maintaining training intensity. Rob got a chance to train 60-65 officers, deputies, and instructors at the  Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training on TSO as well as the "Stretch 'N Bend" program.

"Now that I look at it, we all look a little tired at the end of the day," says Rob about this snapshot. Hey, that's the sign of a job well done, right?

Seen from left to right: Mark Filburn (Commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training), Rob Boe ( public safety project coordinator with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust), DeAnna Boling (Program Director for the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council) and Troy Pitcock (Law Enforcement Coordinator for the Kansas League of Cities).

Thanks to our Kentucky friends for being great hosts and attentive learners. Visit the On the Line blog to see more about Rob's adventures in public safety, and visit the League's website to learn more about the Training Safety Officer Program.

Photo credit goes to Kentucky DCJT staff

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