Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Are You Excited? The Future-Ready Communities Conference Is Days Away

The TLG-LMC Super-Powered Something-for-Everyone Conference is days away! (OK, that's not what it's really called. Don't tell marketing.)

We're going to be seeing hundreds of your smiling faces at the Future-Ready Communities: 2016 League of Minnesota Cities and Alliance for Innovation Annual Conference next week, and League offices are humming with activity. The conference app is live. Boxes are being packed. And the vibe is GREAT. But we're not there yet ...

So whether you are from the smallest of the small or the farthest of the far, please know that what you are bringing to the conference, yes YOU, is the final piece we need to pull this off. Bring your questions, bring your ideas, bring your ice breakers, and let's Do. This.

P.S. Hashtag so excited. Real hashtags: #MnCities #TLG2016

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