Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spotted: Youthful Good Look at Government

Take a good look: these are the city leaders of the future.

Members of the  Rosemount Youth Commission were recently spotted at the construction site of a new splash pad park, where Councilmember Jeff Weisensel (right) gives an on-site briefing. As part of their advisory role to the council, the commission will provide insight on design and use of the park during its development. By having youth participate in government decisions today, cities are improving facilities and programs for the under-21 crowd while learning what priorities will draw these students back to the community after graduating college.

Want to see more examples of youth participating in city government? Check out "Engaging Future City Leaders" in the July-August issue of Minnesota Cities magazine.

Photo credit goes to Terry Gydesen of Terry Gydesen Studio

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