Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GreenStep Cities Welcomes 70th Participating City (VIDEO)

 When the City of Roseville passed a resolution to join the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program in July, it became the 70th Minnesota city to affirm its ongoing work toward sustainability and quality-of-life goals for its residents.

The GreenStep Cities program, which was officially launched at the 2010 LMC Annual Conference, is led by an eight-member steering committee of public and private organizations, including the League. Participating cities range in size from Milan (population 326) to St. Paul (290,770).

GreenStep is an easy way for participating cities to track and publicly report best practices while achieving "steps" that lead to public recognition, according to program co-director Philipp Muessig, who represents the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on the steering committee.

"Some of the additional benefits cities often mention are that the GreenStep website is an easy, one-stop site, and that the GreenStep resources enable volunteer commissions to focus their limited time to get the most done, and help cities save money while adding to the city’s appeal," Muessig added.

Watch officials from several participating cities describe the benefits of the GreenStep Cities program in the quick video posted above.

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