Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Minnesota Cities Day!

Celebrate! Jubilate! Pontificate (on all the good things cities do)! Why all the enthusiasm, you ask?

Because the League of Minnesota Cities is proud to announce that Gov. Dayton has declared today—Oct. 11, 2013—Minnesota Cities Day!

To help mark LMC's 100th year, the proclamation states in part:

The League of Minnesota Cities will use the occasion of its centennial anniversary to appreciate the rich history of local government in Minnesota, recognize the valuable contributions made by cities to local communities throughout the state, and reaffirm its vision for the future.

In that spirit, the League wants to sincerely thank you—our member cities—for always being valued and trusted partners. Every day, the work you do is vital to making Minnesota the beautiful and vibrant place it is to live.

Here’s to our next century together!

*       *       *        *       *        *

P.S. Wondering why Minnesota Cities Day falls on October 11? Hint: it has to do with the governor’s proclamation for the League's 50th anniversary in 1963. Read more here!

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