Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Day (Now Two!) for Celebrating Cities

JUST ANNOUNCED: Gov. Dayton declared Oct. 11, 2013 Minnesota Cities Day. Read on to find out why Oct. 11 ...

 WHEREAS, the year was 1963,

NOW THEREFORE, the League celebrated 50 years of serving cities. …

The milestone prompted a proclamation by Gov. Karl Rolvaag and the State Senate that Oct. 11 of that year would be declared Municipal Government Day.

Over the prior 50 years, cities had become more professional, more cooperative, and Minnesota had become more urban, Rolvaag's proclamation explains.

It states that the League had "itself contributed to much of the improvement in municipal government of which the state can be proud ..."  

—to which we hereunto say, “Awww shucks!”

The days around Oct. 11 were subsequently marked with several municipal government celebrations across the state, designed to demonstrate the value of city government:

In Warroad, the city put their emergency vehicles and equipment on display to invite residents to learn about city services.

In Paynesville and Shakopee, staff invited residents in for an open house and tours of their respective city halls.

And in Minneapolis and St. Paul, a lively “Mayor Swap” resulted in Minneapolis’ North Loop to be rezoned as agriculture (if only for the day).

Luckily, such events are now commonplace throughout the year, no 50th anniversary needed. Does your city promote the value of your services in a special event like Municipal Government Day did in 1963? Let us know in the comments.

Check back on Friday, Oct. 11 to learn more about the proclamation declaring Minnesota Cities Day 2013!

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