Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spotted: Poolside Fun in Andover

OK, so they’re not really at the pool just for fun—they have a job to do!

But these guys, Erick Sutherland on the left and Steve Landau on the right, have a lot to celebrate. Sutherland is the recreational facilities manager for the city of Andover, and Landau is the director of health living with the YMCA. Together, their organizations are partners in the Andover YMCA Community Center, an attractive recreation destination that residents were clamoring for. You could call the partnership a smashing—nope—a splashing success!

Andover’s combo community center and Y is an example of a “P3,” a public-private partnership. P3s and the role they can play in cities are spotlighted in the May-June issue of Minnesota Cities magazine: The Public-Private Partnership Advantage. Dive in!  

Photo credit goes to Angela Jimenez

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