Friday, November 11, 2016

A Veterans Day Message From LMC's Executive Director

A Veterans Day message from Executive Director Dave Unmacht:
My father was a staff sergeant in the Korean War.  He was in college for two years, then served two years in the Army before returning to finish his bachelor’s degree.  Like many men of his generation he did not talk much about his time in Korea, even though he was very proud of his service. 
The same is true for many men and women who serve our country and who on this Veterans Day deserve our special thanks and recognition.  Beyond their military service, many of these same men and women have continued to contribute to public service through involvement in city government as elected officials or staff.
All of us at the League are profoundly thankful for the rights and privileges that our veterans fought for and worked to protect.  It is with honor and respect on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff that I want to express our gratitude to all former and current members of our military for your dedication and commitment to this country. I am extraordinarily proud of my dad for his service and of all veterans who deserve special recognition on this day and every day.

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