Friday, October 28, 2016

It's a Wrap! 2016 Greater Minnesota Regional Meetings

Thank you to everyone who attended the Regional Meetings we held across Minnesota this October! We wrapped up our annual gatherings this week with great conversations in Slayton, North Mankato, and Chatfield. Here are some scenes from these final locations:

The day in Slayton kicked off with a communications workshop
presented by LMC Assistant Communications Director Don Reeder.

League of Minnesota Cities President and Northfield
City Councilmember Rhonda Pownell addresses
city officials at the meeting in Slayton.

Attendees toured the new Taylor Corporation technology center and innovation lab to begin the day in North Mankato.

City officials at the North Mankato meeting held small-group discussions on
the most effective ways to handle challenging situations and difficult people.

Our final Greater Minnesota meeting was held at the beautiful Chatfield Center for the Arts.

Lake City Councilmember Andru Peters - pictured here at the Chatfield location - was
one of hundreds of city officials who participated in the 2016 Regional Meetings.

We're so pleased to have spent productive time with you all this fall! Metro city officials: you're up next. We'll see you in Brooklyn Center on Nov. 30:

Photo credit: LMC staff

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