Monday, May 2, 2016

Spotted: Wrapping Up the 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops

The 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops wrapped up at the end of last week. For more than a month, League staff traveled across the state providing hands-on safety training for a variety of city staff. See what's been spotted during the 2016 workshops.

This year's Safety & Loss Control workshops traveled to nine locations across
the state from March 22-April 28.

Is this a conflict of interest? LMC staff attorney Amber Eisenschenk tests city
officials' knowledge of conflicts of interest.

The 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops gave city officials an opportunity
to get together and share their ideas and experiences.

Tim Hagemeier from Minnesota Rural Water demonstrates some of the
equipment used by city employees to locate trace wire.

Public Safety Project Coordinator Rob Boe and Defense Attorney Jana Sullivan
shared discussed building a diverse police force, along with some struggles
and successes some Minnesota cities have experienced.

Coming soon to a city near you! City officials explored new technologies
impacting Minnesota communities during the new technology track.

What are some of your highlights from the 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops? Share in the comments below!

Photos taken by LMCIT Claims Supervisor Ron Traeger and LMC Marketing Communications Coordinator Jenna Kramer.

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