Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spotted: 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops Reach the Halfway Point

This week marks the halfway point for the 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops!

League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) staff have been traveling across Minnesota, bringing tips on keeping cities safe and updates on what's new with the Trust. See what's been 'spotted' during the first 2016 workshops:

A snowy morning greeted workshop attendees as they arrived at
The Lodge at Giant's Ridge in Biwabik.

The Lodge served up a delicious breakfast before morning sessions.

What's new with LMCIT? Liam Biever went through coverage 
and LMCIT updates with insurance agents.

What can you do to keep your city's electronic data secure? LMC Assistant 
Technology Services Director Greg Van Wormer shows administrative and 
technology professionals how every city employee can help protect electronic data. 

LMCIT staff collect evaluations from workshop attendees.

Did you miss the first half of the Safety & Loss Control Workshops? You're in luck! There's still time to register for workshops in Brooklyn Center, Rochester, and St. Paul.

What was your favorite part of the 2016 Safety & Loss Control Workshops? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photos taken by LMC Marketing Communications Coordinator Maggie Biever and Assistant Director of Communications for Public Affairs Don Reeder

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