Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spotted: Let's Get Together in Mountain Iron

The theme for the 2015 Regional Meetings is "Let's Get Together," so that's just what we did this past week in Mountain Iron! Dave Unmacht, the League's new executive director, is pictured above as he meets with city officials at his first Regional Meeting with the League. Check out the photos below for more highlights spotted at the Mountain Iron meeting:

City officials from the Iron Range and beyond gathered for a day of
sessions on transportation, communication, security, and more.

Heidi Omerza, city councilmember in Ely, gears up for the day's agenda.
This year's regional meetings include a 2016 legislative preview and tips on city advocacy.

LMC Insurance Trust loss control consultants Tracy Stille (left) and Troy
Walsh (right) talked to city officials gathered in Mountain Iron about how
they can keep their city halls safe.

League staff will continue to travel across Minnesota for the 2015 Regional Meetings. Visit the League's website to register for the meeting nearest you!

Photos taken by Don Reeder, assistant director of communications for public affairs.

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