Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What If Kids were in Charge?

Have you ever wondered what Minnesota cities would be like if elementary school students were mayors?

Now is the time to find out! From starting annual community celebrations and activities, to organizing park clean-ups and installing chocolate fountains, kids can come up with hundreds of creative ideas for what they would do if they had the chance to be mayor.

This fall, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders who live in Minnesota are invited to submit their best ideas about how they would encourage more citizens to get involved in their cities for the League's third annual "Mayor for a Day" essay contest.

Three winners will be chosen from among submitted essays. Each winning student will receive a check for $100, and have her/his essay published in a future issue of Minnesota Cities magazine.

Last year, winners were chosen from the cities of Gaylord, Minneapolis, and Wabasha. Jaquelyn Wibstad, of Gaylord, suggested getting the community involved in a Halloween celebration. Nora Cornell, from Minneapolis, suggested having workshops where citizens could create crafts that would be donated to the needy. Talia Miller, of Wabasha, suggested creating more accessible parks and pools so everyone could enjoy the fun her city offered. What will fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders say this year?

Essay entry forms can be found on the League's website, and completed essays must be mailed to the League by no later than October 23.

Share this information with students, teachers, and others in your community and see what it would be like if fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders were Mayor for a Day!

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