Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Resources and Training Available for City Employees

Since you’re reading this, you’ve successfully found one of the League of Minnesota Cities’ (LMC’s) blogs—but did you know there are two others created expressly for municipal employees?

The On the Line blog (found at http://lmcontheline.blogspot.com/) is written for Minnesota’s public safety professionals. Rob Boe—who worked for nearly 40 years in public safety as a peace officer with the Prior Lake Police Department, as chief deputy with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, and as a firefighter with both the Burnsville Department of Public Safety and the Bloomington rescue squad—posts regularly to this blog in his role as the public safety project coordinator with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT).

The work that firefighters, medics, and cops do is dynamic, rapidly changing, and unpredictable—and unfortunately this often leads to injury on the job. LMCIT wants to keep first responders safe and also help cities reduce costly claims.

So on the On the Line blog, you’ll find topics ranging from body armor on the shooting range to lessons from a live burn, from stretch-and-bend to reduce injuries to what public safety departments can learn from NASA on how to promote a strong safety culture.

The Pipeline blog (found at http://lmcpipeline.blogspot.com/) is geared toward Minnesota’s public works professionals. Several of LMCIT’s field consultants—who focus on helping municipalities with loss control issues—consistently write about timely topics for this industry.

The goal of the Pipeline is to give city public works departments the tools needed to do their jobs safely while faced with budget constraints, fewer hands to help, and rising city service demands.

You’ll find timely and topical posts on the Pipeline like making sure your outdoors workers take preventive measures for tick-borne diseases, proper safety techniques when on skid steers, how to prevent frozen pipelines, and public works apps for your smartphones.

Two of the latest posts from each blog focus on the upcoming Safety & Loss Control Workshops, happening this fall. On the Line gives an overview of the police report-writing workshop, and the Pipeline discusses the all-new safety committees workshop.

Hope to see you at one of these trainings in September or October—and in the meantime, check out the League’s blogs!

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