Friday, December 19, 2014

LMC Extreme Makeover Edition 2014 at Emma Norton

League staff, family, and friends recently converged at a local nonprofit, Emma Norton Services, to make-over a much neglected common room.

Emma Norton Services, located near the League on Robert Street in St. Paul, provides housing and support to women, children and families that are homeless and dealing with addiction and/or mental illness. Nearly 200 residents a year benefit from EMS's work.

LMC employees donated over $700 to help with the project to rejuvenate the third-floor lounge, and one staffer volunteered to purchase the lounge a new television. The "bee-autiful" summer fundraiser for ENS also resulted in a priceless photo of Executive Director Jim Miller and League President Dave Osberg wearing "bee antennae."

Out went the ceiling fan caked with dust, dark and dated paint, and mismatched couches.

In came new light fixtures, uplifting wall art, soft blankets and coordinating furniture.

Residents picked out the paint colors to kick off the project. Also volunteering her time was friend and coordinator Shirley Kramer, who put all the elements together to create a peaceful, welcoming space.

 League staff partner with neighborhood organizations several times a year to contribute to the health of the community that surrounds us. The second-floor ENS lounge got its own makeover in 2013.

The message League staff hope to deliver to residents? "You have value."

The League is honored to partner with great organizations like ENS to help build community in the Frogtown/Capitol Heights area—because great communities are what we're all about.

Before: old couches, dark paint
Before: poor light, old tube TV

After: lots of light, cozy touches
After: coordinating furniture, fresh paint

Photo credit goes to LMC staffer Jeanette Behr

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  1. Thank you for doing this. I stayed at ENS in 2010-11 and back then that lounge was dark, depressing and gloomy and the couches were so "ishy" you had to cover them with blankets just to sit. I am happy for the women, the excitement over new stuff lasts for weeks because the women consider ENS their home.

    Lyrics from O.A.R.'s song Peace... Everybody needs a place, somewhere that's warm and safe, shelter from this crazy world we're in.

    ENS provides this place. Remodeling the 3rd floor lounge was a very kind gift.


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