Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trivia Time: How Much Do You Know about Minnesota Cities?

How much do you know about Minnesota cities? Put your knowledge to the test with some interesting Minnesota facts! Find the answers at the bottom of this page.
  1. How many female mayors are there in Minnesota?
  2. How many cities are there in Minnesota with populations under 100?
  3. How many city names in Minnesota begin with the letter Q?
  4. What word is used most frequently in Minnesota city names?
  5. Which Minnesota county has the most cities?
  6. What is the average size of a city council in Minnesota?
  7. What are the five most populated Minnesota cities?
  8. Which letter in the alphabet occurs most frequently at the beginning of Minnesota city names?
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  1. There are 135 female mayors in Minnesota
  2. 89 cities in Minnesota have populations under 100
  3. There is only one Minnesota city with a name that begins with the letter Q: Quamba
  4. Lake, it occurs 49 times
  5. Hennepin County, there are 46 cities
  6. The average size of a city council in Minnesota is four
  7. 1) Minneapolis-392,008, 2) St. Paul-289,270, 3) Rochester-108,814, 4) Duluth-86,033, 5) Bloomington-85,632
  8. The letter b, there are 78 Minnesota cities with names that start with B

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