Monday, May 12, 2014

Greetings From ‘Minnesota Cities’ Mag: May-June Issue Now Available

The May-June issue of Minnesota Cities magazine mailed this week to subscribers, and is available online for your digital consumption. Many of its articles intersect with ideas you can explore further by attending the 2014 Annual Conference, June 18-20.

What’s inside? Take a look at these three highlights:

Cities will change rapidly over the next decade due to demographic shifts, civility issues, sustainability, and our new digital economy. Ready to adapt and thrive? The 2014 Annual Conference agenda and theme, “Shaping the Future,” are dedicated to preparing attendees for these opportunities, as well as for handling the perennial issues cities have been facing for the past hundred years. Find out more in “Creating Vibrant 21st Century Cities."

When matter-of-fact or flashy efforts to brand your city fall flat, what could be missing is an emotional truth, according to Annual Conference keynote speaker Peter Kageyama. Kageyama explains the story of how three cities’ branding efforts have been impacted by the emotional truth of their campaigns. What can the leading producer of cowboy hats in the U.S. teach Minnesota cities about branding their community? Read on, pardner: “City Branding: Keep It Emotionally True.”

The power of connection can turn a city into a community, and Annual Conference speaker Mark Scharenbroich wants to help you achieve that. Minnesota Cities magazine asked Scharenbroich a few questions about his “Nice Bike” philosophy, creating connections, and other characteristics of great leadership. Read what he had to say in “Let's Talk: Building Connections the ‘Nice Bike’ Way.”

As always, columns such as From the Bench (summaries of recent court cases), Bits & Briefs (timely tidbits and other news), and Ideas in Action (check out collaboration in the city of Jordan) are all available to inform and engage you in issues affecting local government.

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