Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trivia: How Many Newly Elected Minnesota City Officials Are There?

Q: How many newly elected Minnesota city officials are there in 2014?
A: We're happy to welcome the 173 newly elected officials who took office this month.

For city council members and mayors just getting their feet wet, these winter months can feel more like a polar plunge into days filled with meetings, new faces, and new information. 

Now that you’ve surveyed your surroundings, inspected a few agendas, and had a chance to start asking questions, it may be time to check back on your basic governance knowledge.

At any point in your term of service to your community, the League’s collection of resources for newly elected officials is available to provide some peace of mind:

Find out the answers to questions including:
  • What information should be in the clerk's minutes?
  • Should a social gathering that includes council members be considered a meeting?
  • Should a council member advise a city department head about a performance issue on staff?
Check back throughout the year—or in years to come—for new content designed to give you a broad understanding of city service and how the League can help.

Also on deck, the Newly Elected Officials and Experienced Officials leadership conferences are just around the corner, and registration is open now. Mingle with other city officials, League staff, and guest speakers to help firmly plant your feet and prepare for the many questions (and answers!) that lay ahead.

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