Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'After' Photos: LMC Centennial Garden Project

 Who knew celebrating a centennial would involve so much ... dirt? And sunscreen, and shovels ...

Let's back up a bit.

As part of the League's centennial celebration, staff decided last winter to also plan time to give back to the community we are a part of here in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul.

And so with the help of the Blooming St. Paul program, about a dozen League staffers rolled up their sleeves last week to dig out an overgrown, weedy garden at the nearby Scheffer Rec Center, which provides programming and recreation for children. (See the "Before" photos here!)

In place of the weeds, a new landscape design was planted that would incorporate the recently installed mosaic bench and Little Free Library at the site. Stone steps from the St. Croix River Valley were used to allow kids at the rec center to access the bench without trampling the garden-a-growin'.

A few of St. Paul's Youth Job Corps members completed the garden with plenty of water and mulch.

While some of the plants are starting off small (hey, didn't we all?) in just a few years the garden will mature into both a shady spot to relax and a sunny bed for plants to soak up the summer sun.  It's versatile, resilient, and ready for the future—just like Minnesota cities!

It took some muscle to get through the tough soil and old roots.

Once the digging was through, the planting began.

League staff carefully plant the hardy geraniums.

Nice touch! There's plenty of color in the shade under the tree.

Stones from the St. Croix River Valley make a walking path to the mosaic bench.

Ready for mulch! Thanks to St. Paul's Youth Job Corps members for the help.

The final product at Scheffer Rec Center! Thank you, volunteers!

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