Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photos: Bright Lights at the First Exhibit Hall, 1927

When you arrive in St. Paul next week for the Annual Conference, don't forget about the Marketplace! The very first "Exhibit Hall" in 1927, seen in these photos, showcased everything from playground equipment to city tourism bureaus. Pretty festive, huh?

Nowadays, what we call the Marketplace is still populated with businesses and organizations offering products and services designed with city government in mind.  

Bonus: Visit LMC staff at booths 321, 322, and 324 this year for special centennial activities (photo booth! popcorn and a movie! interactive history displays!), as well as friendly faces and an introduction to the 4M Fund.

Rest assured, we're as excited about this important feature of the Annual Conference as we were in 1927, even without all that bunting.

View the Virtual Exhibit Hall here. We'll see you at the Marketplace!

Marketplace Details:
Thursday, June 20
4-8 p.m.
Exhibit Hall A (lower level)

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