Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Message from the LMC President: Collaboration and the Future of Cities

What does the future hold? Unless you've got a crystal ball, the best we can do is work to make the future as bright as can be.

And good leadership is a nice place to start.

Each year, the League elects a president to lead the Board of Directors during the upcoming year. J.E. Jenks of St. Cloud paved the way, holding the position for the first two years of the League's existence.

One hundred years later, Betsy Hodges, a city councilmember from Minneapolis, was elected president just in time for the League's centennial year. Lucky duck? Fate? You decide.

But leadership isn't the only tool to a strong organization. Working together can be a skillful way to help strengthen our neighbors and ourselves in the process.

In this video, Hodges takes a few minutes to think about the future, and how a spirit of collaboration can help us be smarter and stronger when we get there, no mystical orb required.

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