Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Does *Your* City Celebrate Earth Day?

The first Earth Day in the United States was recognized on April 22, 1970 as the result of a grassroots movement and the leadership of Sen. Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin.

But did you know that the League has been incorporating stewardship and conservation into our formal business since at least the 1920s?

In 1923, a League resolution stated the following:

That the League of Minnesota Municipalities is fully aware of the proper relation between the great natural wealth and beauty of  Minnesota and legitimate business and commercial considerations.

That it never intended that our forests should be denuded - our lands made waste and places of summer beauty and coolness made the special property of individuals without regard to the needs of humanity.

We deplore the policy of the past which has made lumber barons at the expense of our natural forests and reduced them to wanton waste.

We recommend that all projects for the preserving of natural forests - extension of parks - receive the encouragement of the League and especially that steps be taken to resecure to the public by condemnation or otherwise the shore lines of Minnesota lakes that all may enjoy them.

Pretty "tough guy" language—don't you think? But even way back then, the League recognized the link between conserving the state's natural resources and  healthy local economies, a reality that still holds true today.

How is *your* city's economy supported by the water, wind, trees, and minerals of our great state? And what does your city do to celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!

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