Friday, February 15, 2013

Cover Whirl: Coffee-Table Time Capsules

Top (L-R) : May 1945, Jan. 1949, Oct. 1955, March 1979. Bottom: June 1979, Feb. 1988, Feb. 2008, July-Aug. 2012
When you've been around for 100 years, seeing styles come and go is just part of the gig.

The cover of Minnesota Cities magazine, formerly Minnesota Municipalities, is certainly no exception. 

What started out as a bi-monthly publication in 1916—25 cents a copy—has undergone several redesigns. (These are just a few of them!)

Now in 2013, the magazine will be debuting in full color in the May/June issue, along with more community voices and fresh, reader-friendly features.

Meanwhile the on-point city issue coverage and the good research that goes into each page will remain the same as it ever was. What do you call that? Classic.

What issues were city officials reading about when the magazine was launched in 1916?  Find out in last Wednesday's post.

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