Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ringside Seats: LMC Training 1962 and Today

“Let’s get this show on the road,” the mayor said as he opened the council meeting (without a quorum). “I want to get home and watch the fights.” After an hour, he and the four councilmembers left (without adjourning the meeting).

This mock “council meeting” was held in 1962 as part of a one-day League training session (and documented in the photo above courtesy of the StarTribune). Newly elected mayors and councilmembers in attendance were urged to spot the errors in the mock meeting, including out-of-order remarks and unseconded motions that passed the council.

Can you imagine? That training was probably a hoot. But in addition to the laughs, members walked away with memorable lessons to bring back home to their new council chambers.

The League continues to offer leadership training for newly elected officials in January and February—though maybe not with as many 1960s hijinks. Experienced city officials can also hone their leadership skills at their own yearly conference, this year with a special focus on managing the “three-ring circus” of strategic communication. Register for these trainings and more throughout the year on our website.

Whether you’re the ringmaster of city communications or preparing to be the lightweight champ of Robert’s Rules, you’ll leave with a smile and the extra skills you need.

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