Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moments in Time: Training for Minnesota City Officials

This photo of the lucky winners was run in The Journal in International Falls.

Did you know that in 1959, the LMC Annual Conference attendee in International Falls with the most pennies in her purse won a sightseeing flight over the Canadian border? Mrs. Harry Carlson (second from left, in the photo above) was likely pleased as punch when she produced 31 pennies to win the contest and that fabulous plane ride! She even got to bring along two of her pals—that experience was surely something she never forgot.

What about your memories of LMC training events? Were you there this March when a commissioner of Beltrami County sang “Happy Birthday” to Twitter at the 2013 Joint Legislative Conference?

While these moments (as well as the “aha!” learning lightbulbs that members experience at events) have been a constant across the years, the face of training itself has certainly evolved. Things we used to offer—like a training school for firefighters established in 1929 that drew from the Upper Midwest, and correspondence courses for municipal accounting that were popular in the mid-century—have now been replaced by things such as Safety and Loss Control Workshops and regular webinars.

No matter the topic, LMC has always strived to provide members with information that is timely, useful, and accessible. Members consistently cite the value of networking with other colleagues and getting info from the pros as their top reasons to attend an event. But you never know when a spontaneous serenade or an unexpected opportunity will arise and make the event that much more special.

So join us for one of our upcoming training opportunities! Whether it’s our annual fall Regional Meetings when we take the show on the road to cities across Minnesota, our City Learning Point courses that are available online anytime and anywhere, or our special Centennial-year Annual Conference and Marketplace in St. Paul this June—there are sure to be more memorable moments.

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