Thursday, May 30, 2013

LMC Core Values: A Few Ground Rules

You don't make it 100 years without setting a few ground rules. As part of the 2000-2003 strategic plan, the League Board of Directors set out to document and update the values that have gotten us through the past, and with plenty of hard work will help us achieve our mission of serving cities for years to come.

 In this video, League staff members count down the League values that they work to realize every day.

Starring (in the order of appearance):
Anne Finn—Assistant Intergovernmental Relations Director
Kevin Frazell—Director of Member Services
Garnelle Boudreau—Receptionist
Jason Little—Advertising and Sponsorship Associate
Jeanette Behr—Research Manager
Rebecca Hardel—Human Resources Representative
Laura Honeck—LMCIT Program Assistant
Jon Wilebski—Accountant
Mike Witham—Applications Manager

Check out the list of Core Values here.

 Do you have an example of League staff demonstrating one of the Core Values? Let us know in the comments.

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