Monday, December 21, 2015

Ugly Sweater Day at LMC—Ugly for a Good Cause

"Hey, did you just call her sweater ugly?"

Things got ugly at the League building last Thursday. Real ugly.

In the second annual Ugly Sweater Day (theme: getting ugly for a good cause!) staff and board members donned their most garish apparel in an effort to out-tinsel, out-groan, and out-fundraise each other.

Donations to the department director's sweater contest, modest entry fees for an employee ugly sweater competition, and a buck-a-pop donation to "dress down" for Thursday's activities snowballed into over $1,200 that will be donated to Emma Norton Services, a St. Paul organization that provides stable shelter as well as mental health and chemical dependency support services to women and families.  Like we said, "Ugly for a good cause." Learn more about Emma Norton Services

Executive Director David Unmacht shows off his finery.
 The sweater's ornate candy cane details allegedly
went "missing" early Thursday morning.
Who won?
Over the past month staff have been donating to see which director would wear a special homemade sweater creation. Despite some heated competition and last-minute campaign shenanigans, staff donated the most to see Executive Director Dave Unmacht wear the prize at Thursday's board meeting.

Dave's red carpet moment:

"What are you wearing today, Dave?"

"Well, it's a reindeer ... puking."

Staff and board finery
In addition to the reindeer that swallowed too much cheer, attire on display by staff featured some festive denim fringe, knitted snowmen with snowflake buttons ("my wife made me wear it"), and a wrist-to-wrist representation of a mantle, complete with faux evergreen garland and stockings hung with care.

The winner of the employee costume contest took the top honor by also sporting striped elf pants, completing her ensemble.

Not to be outdone, board members got in on the action too. Brian Scholin of Pine City stole the show with his heavily-adorned Rudolph sweater that plays music when you squeezed the nose. That was a lot of sparkle, Brian. Maybe too much sparkle.

Best wishes to all during the remaining days of 2015! May all your sweaters be ugly and your hearts and homes warm and bright.

Underwriter Antonio Montelibano is pretty sure that's a
women's cardigan he's wearing.

Board member Brian Scholin embraced
the sparkle to win best board sweater.
Go ahead, have a hearth-y laugh at LMCIT's Dan Greensweig.
HR Director Laura Kushner is the ugly sweater mastermind.

Jammie Bauermeister and
Joyce Hottinger make it
look good.

Left to right: Board members Jonathan Smith of Frazee, Heidi
 Omerza of Ely, and Mike Mornson of Hopkins spread
some cheer and raised eyebrows.

Photo credits go to Joyce Hottinger and Jeff Korte

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