Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Ugly Sweater Day—to Support St. Paul's Project Home

Seeing your boss in a tacky sweater may be an everyday occurrence for some, but an honest-to-goodness UGLY SWEATER? That's a sight to behold.

LMC staff had our own Ugly Sweater Day last Friday to raise money for a good cause.

League employees have been donating money over the past several weeks to support the work of Project Home, a joint effort among faith communities in the St. Paul area to provide homeless emergency shelters when all other sites are filled.
  • When donations hit $250, management team promised to don some ugly apparel.
  • When donations hit $350, board president Dave Osberg, city administrator of Eagan, joined in. 
And of course, staff were invited to show off their own tinsel-y, over-adorned closet treasures.
Prizes (small, public sector prizes) were given for the three top ugly sweaters worn by staff. There were some, umm, clear "winners."

LMC management showing off their finery. No executive directors were
harmed in the taking of this photo, despite those arm antlers.

LMC Board President Dave Osberg and LMC Executive Director Jim Miller
sport some "bee antennae" to kick it up a notch on that buckle and reindeer.
*More info on the antennae to come.

Uh, is that sasquatch? Attorney Dan Kurtz
takes the cake. Or coffee, in this case.

Photo credit goes to LMC staffer Danielle Cabot, whose lone 
ugly sweater is adorned with shiny, fake ice.

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