Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Safeguarding Cyberspace: A New Resource to Help Cities Prevent Data Losses

As you are likely aware, data breaches have been headline news lately. Hackers are targeting all sectors—and unfortunately, government has not been exempt.

There have been incidents from coast to coast this year:

  • In Michigan, a flash drive containing the personal information (including names, addresses, and social security numbers) of 2,500 people was stolen from an ombudsman’s office.

  • In Pennsylvania, hackers breached a county’s payroll processor—exposing hundreds of government employees’ bank account and social security numbers.

  • And in Montana, the Department of Public Health and Human Services’ server was recently accessed, putting client information like names, birth dates, and clinical information at risk.

So how can you protect your city and its data? LMCIT (the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust) has a new resource to help. The eRisk Hub—developed in partnership with Net Diligence and NLC-RISC—is a private, web-based portal chock full of timely information.

Whether your city is trying to prevent a claim or has already experienced a loss, this online portal has content for you. The website contains information and technical resources that can assist in the prevention of network, cyber, and privacy losses, as well as support for reporting and recovery of losses if an incident does occur.

If you haven’t yet registered at the eRisk Hub, go to and complete the new user registration form. (PLEASE NOTE: This is a private service for LMCIT members only. If you don’t already have the access code, contact LMCIT Program Administrator Laura Honeck at or (651) 281-1280 prior to logging in.)

Are you worried your city has already experienced a data breach? Call LMCIT claims staff immediately at (800) 925-1122.

To learn more about our new eRisk Hub, please visit

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