Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Need a Cool Read? The July-August Issue of Minnesota Cities Mag is Online Now

The July-August issue of Minnesota Cities magazine mailed last week to subscribers, and is available
online now for your reading refreshment. Take the issue poolside to catch up on these local government highlights:

“It’s easy for adults to think we know what youth want, but when they come with ideas, that’s when we can get things done.” Those are the words of Royalton Mayor Andrea Lauer. Royalton is just one of many cities in Minnesota working to involve the next generation in local government. From full-fledged youth members of city commissions to youth involvement in designing city amenities, see what all the kids are talking about in “Engaging Future City Leaders.”

There’s no shortage of theories about what creates effective leadership, that’s for sure. But when adopting someone else’s recipe for success means acting like someone you’re not, then what? In his latest column, LMC Executive Director Jim Miller faces down the question of authenticity in leadership theories—in his own way, of course. Hear more from LMC's fearless leader in “As I See It: Authentic Leadership.”

Many city clerks could probably recite the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act in their sleep. But how about your fire chief? This issue’s “Letter of the Law” column is dedicated to laws that DO apply to your fire department, but DON’T always get the attention they deserve. Find out what your fire department administration needs to know in Letter of the Law: Fire Departments—Don’t Overlook These Laws.

As always, columns such as From the Bench (summaries of recent court cases), Bits & Briefs (timely tidbits and other news), and Two-Way Street (this month, Harmony and Owatonna staff share their economic development successes) are all available to inform and engage you in issues affecting local government.

Read Minnesota Cities magazine's July-August issue

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