Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Municipal Clerks Week Is Better Than Shark Week. And Here's 5 Reasons Why ...

This quill is much cooler than a shark fin.
Image courtesy International Institute of Municipal Clerks
Clerks, we love Municipal Clerks Week because it's a great time to sing your praises. We enjoy it so much, we even like it better than Shark Week, that pop culture phenomenon that gets all the "splash." Yeah, that's right. So to back up that bold statement, we've compiled the top five reasons why Municipal Clerks Week is better than Shark Week—you can add your own reasons to the list in the comments!

LMC's top five reasons why Municipal Clerks Week is better than Shark Week:
  1. Clerks are vital to our elections, i.e. democracy. Sharks are definitely not.
  2. Clerks keep our local governments operating on the right side of data practices and open meeting law to ensure legal compliance. Sharks don't seem to care about legal compliance.
  3. Clerks take care of a wide range of business ranging from management of city finances to human resources-related decisions. Sharks mostly swim and eat things, which is cool, but not as cool.
  4. Clerks are patient and knowledgeable when helping the public. Sharks lack the necessary customer service skills.
  5. While you have to wait 70+ more days for Shark Week, Municipal Clerks Week is happening now.
For all these reasons and more, we think that Municipal Clerks Week is better than Shark Week, because city clerks are the backbone of Minnesota's local government community and frankly, we'd be lost without you. So if there's a clerk in your professional city gov life, be sure to show them some appreciation today (and every day!). Sharks, we'll see you in July, but probably won't write a blog post. 
Thank you, clerks, for all that you do!


  1. Thanks for thinking of us! Since no one from our city seems to care. Made my day.

    1. We've got your back! Hope you get some city <3 too.

  2. Some times we are the Shark, but most of the time we are the poor little fish that gets chased by all the other sharks and get chomped on and left to flounder. Love the League and all the support and knowledge they offer. I would not be able to be the clerk I am without them! Thank you City Clerks for all your selfless service!!
    Jamie - City of Isle

    1. Aw, thanks Jamie! We're wishing you lots of chomp-free days!


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