Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spotted: Minnesota City Officials at the 2017 Leadership Conferences

Hundreds of city officials across Minnesota started the new year running by attending one of the 2017 Leadership Conferences!

Newly elected officials gathered in both Mankato and Bloomington (with one training yet to go in February) to get the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new municipal roles. Meanwhile, experienced officials connected in Bloomington to discuss race equity and how to ensure city policies shape our communities in a way that all feel welcome.

An attendee chats with workshop presenter and Shorewood Finance
Director Bruce DeJong during a break at the Newly Elected
Officials Leadership Conference in Mankato, held Jan. 20-21.

Topics covered at the Newly Elected Officials Leadership Conference
include a 20,000-foot view of their responsibilities as a city leader,
finance fundamentals and the budgeting process, the ethical responsibilities
and legal realities of public office, and how to create more collaborative councils.

Attorney Korine Land reviews a city council's authority and limitations
with nearly 200 newly elected officials who attended the Bloomington location .

Julie Nelson, senior vice president at the Center for Social
Inclusion (CSI), welcomes attendees to the 2017 Leadership Conference
for Experienced Officials, while her co-presenter Glenn Harris
(R, sitting on the stage) - president of CSI - listens in.

More than 100 city officials from across Minnesota
gathered in Bloomington Jan. 27-28 to focus on race equity and
discuss how we can make our communities more inclusive.

Presenter Glenn Harris leads attendees in an exercise on race equity.

A big thanks to all of you who participated in one of our 2017 Leadership Conferences! And we're looking forward to seeing even more of you at the final Newly Elected Officials Leadership Conference (Feb. 24-25 in Brainerd).

Here's to a great new year for *all* Minnesota's cities and leaders!

Photo credit: LMC staff

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