Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mosquito Heights—Regional Meeting Throwback Video

Attendees at the 2016 Metro Regional Meeting got nostalgic Nov. 30 by watching a clip of a classic Mosquito Heights episode, "Tuesday Night Council Meeting," circa year 2000. 

In the video, Mosquito Heights Mayor Buzz Olson—along with well-meaning council, struggling staff, angry residents, and an antagonistic industry representative—hash out what to do with a controversial conditional use permit application for a cell tower. Yup, it may be 16 years old but some things never change! 

With the help of Monday night football-style commentators, viewers get a humorous perspective on a messy local government situation put right by thoughtful leadership and best practices. You can watch the episode in its entirety below. Now, where's the popcorn guy?

Learn more about the fictional city of Mosquito Heights: The Life and Times of Buzz Olson, Fictional Mayor of Mosquito Heights

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  1. Love the "Mosquito Heights" videos! Why aren't they ALL archived here on the website? That would be a great trip down memory lane.


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