Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Spotted: Local Leaders (Broad)band Together

Need an example of small but mighty? Check out Minnesota Cities magazine to see how 10 small cities and 14 townships in southern Minnesota banded together to establish high-speed, fiber-based internet.

Seen here at the RS Fiber Cooperative office in Gaylord, Mayor Don Boeder of Gaylord, RS Fiber financial advisor Philip Keithahn, Mark Erickson of Winthrop, and Todd Schaefer of Hiawatha Broadband Communications are just a few of the stakeholders who have been a part of the long and sometimes discouraging process.

From figuring out the cooperative's financial structure to scheduling public meetings, committed local leaders and their partners made the difference in manifesting this powerful economic development infrastructure for residents and businesses.

Photo credit goes to Michael Braun

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