Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spotted: Local Government Officials Discuss Civility and Effective Meetings

Local government officials from cities, counties, schools, and townships came together this July to discuss civility and how to make meetings as effective as possible. As part of the Big 4, the League partnered with the Association of Minnesota Counties, Minnesota School Boards Association, and the Minnesota Association of Townships to host this series of workshops.

Have you ever had unexpected disturbances at your council meetings? Eric Hedtke, 
from the Minnesota Association of Townships, caused some laughs as he posed as an 
unruly council meeting attendee speaking out about a proposed maintenance facility.

Inattentiveness can be an issue during city council meetings, particularly when 
it's a member of the council who isn't paying attention! Representatives from the 
Big 4 and local government officials teamed up to show how distractions 
impact meeting effectiveness.

What would your conflict assessment score be? Toni Smith, education director
 for the Association of Minnesota Counties, takes the group through a conflict assessment.

Local government officials share their experiences dealing with conflicts, 
and their success in making meetings more effective.

What are some ways you've improved the effectiveness of your meetings and encourage civility? Share your stories in the comments below!

Photos courtesy of the National Joint Powers Association.

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