Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotted: City Officials Get a Great Start to the Year at the 2016 Leadership Conferences

Peter Kageyama shares stories from lovable communities
he's visited across the country.
"Let's build cities that grab people by the heart and never let go!" That was the closing advice of speaker Peter Kageyama at the 2016 Experienced Officials Leadership Conference. Peter is the author of For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places and the follow up, Love Where You Live: Creating Emotionally Engaging Places.

More than 100 local elected officials from across the state came together to learn about creative place making and how to empower co-creators in their communities to build more emotionally engaging cities.

Experienced city officials got creative as they
brainstormed ways to build community during
the $500 challenge.
During the conference, officials were invited to share their own stories of how they were creating unique and engaging communities. Councilmember Harley Droba explained how the Icebox of the Nation, International Falls, is sharing its stories with the world through Icebox Radio Theater. Mayor Jo Emerson shared how White Bear Lake celebrated setting a world record for the longest sundae.

Kageyama also asked officials take part in the $500 Challenge. Participants brainstormed fun, affordable ways to build lovable communities, including a black light skate night, movies in the park, stand still parade, “decorate a lamp post” contest, and many more.

Peter Kageyama will be back in Minnesota this summer as a Senior Fellow at the Annual Conference in St. Paul June 14 - 17.

Newly elected officials learned about tools that will help
them have a great start in their new role!
While experienced officials were discovering tips for creating lovable cities, 40 city officials participated in the Newly Elected Officials Leadership Conference, including two councilmembers from Minnesota's newest city, Rice Lake. These new mayors and councilmembers learned the nuts and bolts of municipal law and finance, and the importance of having a vision, working well with colleagues and staff, engaging the public, and keeping a civil tone at city hall.

Did you attend one of the Leadership Conferences? Share your highlights in the comments below!

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