Friday, June 26, 2015

Spotted: Day Three of the 2015 LMC Annual Conference—Friday, June 26

All good things must come to an end—including LMC’s 2015 Annual Conference! We ended things in Duluth on a positive note, hearing from two more fantastic keynote speakers and crowdsourcing topics for one last set of roundtables with our attendees.

Here are a few scenes of our last day:

Each year, past League board presidents gather for a breakfast on the final
day of the conference. Jim Miller was honored as a special part of this year's get-together.

Meteorologist and author Paul Douglas joined the GreenStep Cities celebration to talk about
how climate change is impacting Minnesota city infrastructure. When describing the changes
in weather in Minnesota, Paul said: "The weather is a symphony...and now it's playing out of tune."

Throughout the conference, attendees left suggestions for topics to be discussed during Friday's
Special Interest Roundtables. Here, city officials talk about the chosen subjects: housing,
economic development, infrastructure (water and sewer), and recreation/community assets.

Generational expert Hannah Ubl, from Bridgeworks in Minneapolis, closed this year's
conference with her keynote address "When Generations Connect: Communicating Across
Generational Divides." Hannah highlighted what defines the different generations,
what makes each group unique, and what everyone bring s to the table.

Thanks to everyone who helped make LMC's 2015 Annual Conference the success it was! We look forward to seeing you in St. Paul next summer.

Photo credits go to Todd Myra Photography

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