Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spotted: City Staff 'At the Table' for Regional Meeting in Madelia

Who was at the table for Madelia's Regional Meeting last week? Here are just a few city officials who dedicated their day to learning more about current city issues and networking with others. Thanks for joining us and other city officials at the table.

Up this week are Regional Meetings in Thief River Falls, Vergas, and Waite Park. If you're attending one of our "fresh and local" Regional Meetings, be sure to get a photo with one of our prop signs and show that you're at the table, too!

Sleepy Eye Councilmember Joann Schmidt
Mountain Lake City Administrator
Wendy Meyer
Marshall Councilmember
Joe DeCramer
Lakefield City Clerk Kelly Rasche
Photo credit goes to LMC staffers Laura Harris and Heather Corcoran

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