Monday, February 24, 2014

Now Showing: You'll Laugh. You'll Cry. You'll Advocate.

Join League legislative liaisons on a campy romp through the Capitol grounds (that phrase has probably never been used before) by watching this video tour!

Why? While League staff are prepared to hit the ground running Feb. 25 on a variety of city issues, the truth is, we need you. Nobody can explain city issues and on-the-ground realities better than our members.

So that you can feel confident visiting St. Paul to share your city's story, the "Inside the Capitol" page has been stocked with fresh-popped tips for city officials—everything from how to send a legislator a note to where you can park. This video is now showing on the Inside the Capitol page any time. And just like visiting legislators during session, no ticket stub is required.

What the critics are saying:

 "Awesome video on tips to visiting the Capitol, Heather and Laura! Great stuff!"
 Bart Fischer of Falcon Heights

"That's all there is to it? See you at the Capitol!"
Buzz Olson of Mosquito Heights

"Who's Bert?"
LMC's publication manager

Want a sequel? Learn more about lobbying and access an advocacy guide on LMC's website.

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