Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There's No Place Like Home—The League's Offices Through the Years

Over the last 100 years, the League has called approximately six different places home. Here are some quick snapshots (literally!) of those half-dozen buildings where we’ve hung our hats:

It all began at the University of Minnesota, where the League's offices were housed in Walter Library (today home of the Science and Engineering Library and Digital Technology Center).

League staff spent five years (from approximately 1969-1974) in this building at 3300 University Ave. SE in Minneapolis, once again on the U's campus. This piece of retro architecture still stands today!

After the split from the U in 1973, the League moved into the Hanover Building at 300 Cedar Ave. in downtown St. Paul, also home at that time to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

In 1982, the League moved to 183 University Ave. E. in St. Paul (just over one mile from LMC's current offices!). You may recognize this corner as part of the Gillette Children's Hospital campus.

The League's fifth home was at 3490 Lexington Ave. N. in Shoreview, where building space was shared with the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities.

And now—drumroll, please!—we've arrived at the League’s current home. Located at 145 University Avenue W. in St. Paul, here is a "before" of the space at Rice and University in the early 1990's:

And here is an "after" of the building the League constructed in 1996 and calls home today:

Conveniently located kitty-corner from the state capitol, it's just a brief walk there if you are coming for any of the 2014 legislative session. Please know that our home is yours, and you can park in LMC's lot for free (just be sure to sign in at the front desk!).

Or coming in 2014, you'll even be able to take the new light rail directly to the capitol grounds. Here's a shot of a recent "test-drive" on the tracks:

Bonus tip: no matter which way you arrive, watch this fun video tutorial and learn how to navigate from the League's current building over to the state capitol (as well as what you can expect when you get there):

The bottom line is: the League is your organization, and we’re happy to have found a good home so we can be here when you need us!

How many of the League's buildings have you been in? Tell us in the comments!


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