Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's in a Logo? You Decide.

League logos in chronological order, l-r, t-b.

A great logo can express what an organization is all about without speaking a word. So it goes to show that you can learn a lot about an organization from its logo! Can you "read" any League history from the images on the left? Let's take a look:

The first logo (top left) appeared in publications starting in the 1940s, and looks mighty academic.

Arrangements of the initials LMM (League of Minnesota Municipalities) then became a focal point through the '50s.

For the League's 50th anniversary in 1963, a combination of the two logos and the number "50" were incorporated together on publications.

Can you tell when the '60s and '70s arrived? Thought so.

In 1975 the logo was redesigned to reflect the name change to "League of Minnesota Cities."

The rectangular logo with a glimpse of skyline lasted from '88-'95 before the shape of the state was reincorporated.

A logo redesign in 2007 embraced the clock tower on the League's building. The hands of the clock point to 7:13 p.m., which in military time marks 19:13, or the year of our founding!

A simple banner marks our 100th year until 2014.

What will League logos say about the next 100 years ahead of us? Only time will tell!


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